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What Are Stainless Steel Couplings?

Fittings are used to join two or more lengths of pipe or to close off the end of a pipe. Fittings may connect pipe in a straight line, change the direction of flow, increase or reduce the flow, or close the pipe end to stop the flow. In accordance with our ISO procedures, our line of class 150 ISO pattern stainless steel fittings meet the following specifications: Material: 304 stainless steel, Threads:ANSI B1.20.1, Dimensions ISO49. Additionally, each fitting undergoes a thread test, pneumatic pressure testing, material composition analysis, and burrs are removed to avoid severing sealant and to prevent bad seals.

Our Products

Stainless Steel Quick Connection Coupling

Applications:CT-S2-SS are used in construction equipment, hydraulic applications. These Double Shut-Off couplings can be found anywhere that fluid transfer lines need to be connected and disconnected for operation or maintenance of equipment, and a loss of fluid is undesirable.CT-S2-SS are used in construction quipment, Forestry equipment, agricultural machinery, oil tools, Oil equipment, steel mill machinery, and other demanding hydraulic applications

1.Poppet valves available to prevent uncoupled leakage.
2.Poppet valves open automatically when coupled, within rated working pressure, to keep the flow expeditely.
3.Dependable ball-locking mechanism holds the mating halves together.
4.Socket and plug are precision machined from solid bar stock.
5.CT-S2-SS series conforms to the standard of ISO 7241-B.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Couplings

While aluminum pipe couplings are popular, stainless steel is still a frontrunner when it comes to railings, pipes, and couplings. Stainless steel has a high corrosion resistance that is well suited to both indoor and exterior use. It’s also temperature resistant, so it can be used even in projects that may be exposed to high heat or bitter cold. Additionally, stainless steel is very easy to find, replace and maintain.

The confidence to extend and expand your railings.

Whether you need an internal spigot for a flush joint or a rigid connection which may have to withstand a direct tensile load. Whether you want to replace a damaged section of railing or to simply extend your rail beyond conventional size. Our couplings will help you get there. From Kee Klamp couplings made from Hot dip Galvanised malleable iron to Quick Rail couplings made from the most corrosive resistant aluminum alloy available, to internal locking splices, modular caps and friction fit couplings – this is the one-stop for all your railing coupling needs.

Regular Conveyor Chain with Attachments Series (Single Pitch)

Ultimate Existence Chain Series Sound Bushing (HT/ T), (D)1.Using large precision strong bushings 2.Greater put on resistance than regular chains 3.Wear life is enhanced by one.two to four instances of common chainsDH-|¨¢(DHA)one.Ultra hardening coated pin surface2....

SMR gearbox ordering guidelines

how you can purchase the SMR gear box Gearbox Coding Gearbox coding 1st 3 letters: SMR Fourth letter, unit dimension: BCD EFG HJ Fifth and sixth digits, ratio code: 05 13 20 Seventh digit. indicates assembly: O shaft mounted velocity reducer 2 flange mount Eighth...

Chain Length and Sprocket Center Distance

Needed length of roller chainWorking with the center distance among the sprocket shafts as well as the number of teeth of each sprockets, the chain length (pitch quantity) may be obtained in the following formula:Lp=(N1 + N2)/2+ 2Cp+{( N2-N1 )/2π}2Lp : All round...

RA and RAHS Variety Coupings Efficiency Data

RA and RAHS Sort Rigid Adjustable CouplingsThe RA and RAHS couplings are provided in two diverse types. Style II coupling consists of two rigid hubs, adjusting nut and split ring and split ring for motor bub. Sort IV coupling includes two rigid hubs, adjusting nut,...

DH-α Chain

The pin which has a super-hard surface coating protects the vital place from adverse environmentsFantastic lubrication tends to make chain life longer. It really is not easy to avoid deterioration resulting from its own oxidation and mixture with contaminants. In this...

China fluid coupling

fluid couplingPurposes:Maritime propulsionMixersBoat thrustersDredgesSupporters & BlowersShreddersCompressorsCentrifugal pumpsRecycling machineryGrindersMillsCrushersBelt conveyorsWood chippersUnloaded motor warm upSmooth start up, no belt slipTorsional vibration...

Leaf Chain

Leaf chains consist of pins and plates only and therefore are greater in strength than roller chains. They are ideal for tasks like hoisting and pulling. Leaf chains conform to ANSI and have two varieties: AL and BL.AL typeTo the use that static load is utilized with...

China SENP Car Parts Drive Shaft Flex Joint Wholesale Auto Spare Parts 1K0521307A Rear Driveshaft Coupling Propeller Shaft Flex Disc VW Golf Tiguan Audi A3 Q3 coupling cdl

Merchandise Description SENP 1K0521307A Authentic Top quality Drive Shaft Flex JointMerchandise Type   Drive Shaft Flex JointOE No.   1K0521307ASuitable for   For VW Golf Tiguan Audi A3 Q3Bodyweightone.5 kgsBrand nameSENPCertificationISO9001MOQ1 ComputerPackingSENP...

Silent Chain

SC silent chains (SCA, SCR, SC)SC silent chains use specially-coated round pins and exclusive plates to accomplish a great engagement mechanism, and might maintain a noise level remarkably decrease than typical roller chains.SC kind silent chains is often used for...

High power roller chains

Higher energy roller chains with enhanced fatigue power and influence strengthHI-PWR-S roller chains are enhanced in fatigue power and effect power without having transforming the dimension while in the pin length direction of standard roller chains. Plates are...

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BuyRailings offers a variety of aluminum couplings and stainless steel couplings to choose from. Whether you need an internal spigot or flush joint for a load-bearing rail, or need to repair a previously damaged section of your railing, our couplings provide strong connections that will fit seamlessly into your design. All our coupling connectors meet industry standards and are durable and non-corrosive. The best part? Each coupling is reusable, and all you need to install them is a hex key.

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